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Please be informed that operators has recently implemented the "DO NOT DISTURB" (DND) service for some of their subscribers. Subscribers on this service will not receive bulk sms messages. To check your status, text "STATUS" to "2442". To unsubscribe, text "ALLOW" to "2442".

If you are a registered business or organisation and sending transactional SMS ONLY to your customers or service subscribers and would like to be given an exemption from the DND list so that all your messages will be delivered, please Contact us for details. Contact and Phones: 08025510164,08180988802,08077781428 , Email: [email protected]
Dear , we sometimes update our prices due to fluctuations of termination cost from network operators. Please confirm the updated rates on your Pricing Page. Thank you.

Documentation - How To Use This Portal

Create An SMS Account

In order to start sending out SMS on KoboMobile SMS SMS platform, you need to Create an Account first. Register your self by selecting "Register" from the main menu.


The fields after which * is placed are necessary to be filled. Fill in all the field, select ‘I agree’ for the Term of Use and Press Register.

Log in

SMS Login

Whoa! You can start sending out Messages now! Now click on the Send SMS or You can add credit but first you have to Log in

Enter the USER NAME and PASSWORD and press LOGIN.

SMS Campaign

Send SMS

Go to "BULK SMS" from the menu and selecting "Send SMS Campaign".
Enter FROM and CHOOSE CONTACT; choose "Type Contact" and enter each mobile number per line or you can choose Groups and select a Group if you have already added one in the address book. you can add groups and contacts to your address book by going to BULK SMS>>ADDRESS BOOK. You can also choose "Upload" if you want to upload a contact file from your PC.

Write your message against SMS MESSAGE and if you want to schedule the campaign now or later at some day, choose accurately the time and date. In the last, choose MESSAGE TYPE, it can be a Normal SMS, Flash SMS or a Unicode SMS. When you are done, press Send SMS. A confirmation of a successful campaign would be delivered to you.

View Sent Message History and Download

SMS Report

You can see Sent Message History by Selecting "SMS Report/History/Download" from the side bar indicated in the image or from the main menu go to BULKSMS>>SMS Report & Download. You can also download the SMS history and also download the history of SMS with in specific days.

The SMS log would be downloaded in editable Excel form. you can also download the SMS for a specific sender.

View Inbox Message History and Download

Inbox Report

Similarly, you can also see Inbox SMS History. Select "Inbox SMS/History /Download" from the side bar or from the main menu go to BULK SMS>> Inbox SMS & Download.

You would see a detailed summary and history of received SMS. You can download the history the same way.

Update Address Book

Address Book

You can add contact and create groups in your Address Book by going to "Address Book" from the side bar or from the main menu go to Bulk SMS>>Address Book. Press Address Book button which is on the top and add GROUP NAME, GROUP DESTINATION and GROUP NUMBER. when you are done press Add Group.

You can also search a specific contact by entering the name or number in the Search Box.

Update Account Profile


You can Update your Profile by choosing "Profile/Settings" from the side bar or from the main menu choose Bulk Message>>My Profile. Edit your information if you want to.

Changing Password

Change Password

if you want to change your Password, you can do it too by clicking on Change Password tab. Enter your current password (this is used to authenticate you as the real account owner), then enter the new password twice and click on Change Password.

Dashboard and Analytics


Go to "Dashboard and Analytics" from the side bar or from the main menu go to Bulk SMS >> Dashboard and Analytics. It would help you analyse your current usage statistics and number. It would show you various stats for example total messages sent in a month or a day, current credit etc.

Bank Payment and Pricing Details.

Now, from the menu drag your mouse to BULKSMS and from the drop down select "Buy SMS Credit".
In order, to start sending out SMS it is necessary for you to have some credit.


When making payments online or using cash deposite in the bank, use the Account name and Account Number provided on the page.

SMS Pricing

SMS Pricing

For Pricing Details, choose "SMS pricing and Details" from the side bar or from the main menu go to Pricing. You would land on the same exact page. The section of SMS Pricing would show the current pricing.

Also bear in mind that some networks might charge more than one (1) units to deliver. Select the specific country to see full details of the unit charged per network in that country.

Developer API

Developer API

If you want to integrate KoboMobile SMS SMS API in your applications, you can get all the information you need by going to "Developer (API)" in the main menu. We also support SMPP access to our SMSC.

Contact Us

In case of any queries, you can always reach out to us by selecting "Contact Us" from the main menu. From there, you can get our details and send us your comments and queries.

Contact Us