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What is KoboMobile?

Kobomobile is a web-based mobile communications platform that allows you to send text messages from your computer to literally thousands of mobile phones at once. Using the traditional mobile phone to send large amounts of text messages can be a daunting task. With Kobomobile, sending text messages to thousands of mobile phones at once takes only a few clicks.

Getting Started

Getting started with Kobomobile is easy. If you already have an account with us, just enter in your login details and click on the login page to proceed. If you do not have an account with us, we will be delighted to have you as one of our customers. It’s easy, simply click the Sign Up button and fill in the form.

Products & Services

Bulk SMS

Kobomobile provides Bulk SMS to various companies and individuals, which are looking to use bulk sms as marketing tool. Our Gateway Service provides full end to end solution as far as third party integration is concerned. We provide our clients a dedicated and stable route for long term usage. Our infrastructure and connection provides the best and reliable solution as far as other providers are concerned.

We provide the best messaging cost module that covers almost every small to big client budget. We believe in 99.9% uptime since our entire infrastructure is based on most reliable and proven standards. Our highly skilled team and experienced experts give the best client support and services. The Bulk SMS Services will also allow corporate clients to send bulk SMS via HTTP, FTP or SMPP, interface, from any web server. Also using our desktop interface the user can send single, group or bulk sms without using any browser.

SIM Card Hosting

In today’s mobile communication market, SMS as fast, simple and cost-effective information media is rapidly growing and is the most popular way of communication and interaction with clients. Kobomobile provides the perfect solution for mutual interaction with your clients. Host SIM Card Service enables you to receive incoming SMS from your clients’ mobile phones on different networks worldwide using SIM card with a mobile number of your choice. All SMS replies sent to the mobile phone number of the SIM card will be forwarded to a web-page, using certain protocol/interface such as HTTP, XML, HTTP or SMPP.


Benefits of using Kobomobile SIM Host Card Services

•   Clear-cut service meaning that all replies will be immediately sent to you.
•   SIMs are monitored 24/7.
•   Unique mobile number of your choice.
•   Detailed log of the incoming SMS messages.
•   Ability to search out messages based on configured variables of your choice

Our SIM Host Card solution supports

•   2-way internal communication with employees, volunteers, sales personnel, suppliers;
•   2-way alerts and notifications;
•   Feedback and response on promotional marketing or election campaigns.

With thousands of satisfied users worldwide, Kobomobile guarantees a solution which can be targeted to different market segments and offer you solutions that match your needs so you can concentrate on your core business.

Reseller Product

Kobomobile can provide 3rd party resellers with a solution which matches their needs. The Kobomobile Reseller Product consists of:

•   reseller panel
•   web application

The Kobomobile white labeled Reseller Product gives you complete control of clients, routes, billing and pricing. This new solution enables the sale of SMS in an easy, fast and effective way, while having a custom-made interface with your own logo and brand.

SMS Website Re-branding.

For Corporate organizations that need a personalized touch and platform for sending SMS, Kobomobile will provide a corporate website fully re-branded with SMS gateway features. For businesses which seek to own their own SMS Gateway and have resellers under them, Kobomobile will provide a fully re-branded SMS website with features for sending single, bulk and custom sms with admin panel to administer the website.

Bulk SMS Portal

Messaging Portal

This gives you access our Robust Messaging Portal.




Pricing & Payments

Pricing & Payments

Payment Details

All payments should be made in favour of:

ACCT NUMBER: 0018474704

SMS Price List

From To Price (=N=)
100 999 2.30
1,000 9,999 2.20
10,000 49,999 1.80
50,000 99,999 1.75
100,000 249,999 1.70
250,000 499,999 1.50
500,000 999,999 1.48
1 Million and above DIRECT QUOTE

Reseller Packages

Prestige Package

  • Sign up fee: N120,000
  • FREE 30,000 SMS at sign up.
  • FREE SA Insurance 3rd Party Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • FREE fully branded and customized website/portal with ability to have resellers under you!
  • FREE website setup for your first 10 resellers!
  • Minimum purchase of 150,000 SMS units subsequently at a special reseller price.
  • FREE Clearline RHIS Classic Health Cover

Deluxe Package

  • Sign up fee: N60,000
  • FREE 10,000 SMS at sign up.
  • FREE fully branded and customized website/portal.
  • Minimum purchase of 50,000 SMS units subsequently at a special reseller price.
  • FREE Clearline RHIS Classic Health Cover

Silver Package

  • Sign up fee: N10,000
  • FREE 1,000 SMS at sign up.
  • Minimum purchase of 2,500 SMS units subsequently at a special reseller price.



Why Bulk SMS ?

Kobomobile is a leading world-wide SMS and SMS application provider. We offer our customers dependable and easy-to-use SMS services. Our bulk SMS gateway provides bulk SMS to businesses, organizations and individuals who need to use SMS as a medium of communication. We have reliable services assurance of message delivery. With the increasing number of mobile phone users, we believe NOW is the time to mobilize your business.

What is the cost of an SMS ?

Click here for full pricing

What is the benefit of Kobomobile SMS service ?

Using our superb Personalized SMS (text message) services with your name or Business name boldly written on the recipient’s phone screen. You can also capture thousands of new clients/customers/members in minutes by using our direct contact ‘SMS Broadcast’ to announce or advertise your new products, services, programs, political campaigns, job vacancies, etc. to thousands of eagerly waiting Nigerians.

Why Everyone Loves Using Personalized SMS

SMS (text message) publicity guarantees direct and instant contact with the public.
People can ignore your heavily paid advert in news papers, magazines, TV or radio, but cannot ignore your text messages on their phones, especially the personalized SMS.

Here are the amazing reasons why everyone recently prefers to use Personalized SMS:

• COST EFFECTIVE: It is cost effective compared to other forms of adverts. Personalized SMS is even cheaper than the normal GSM text messages offered by Nigerian telecom companies!
• VIRAL: research reveals that those that get SMS message on their phone set often ask others about it and by that spreads your product information for free!
• EXTREMELY HIGH LEVEL OF RESPONSE: research has shown that Personalized SMS advertising enjoys 25% response rate at first SMS contact and 45% with multiple follow-up contacts. This is quite unlike other modes of advert where 10% response is seen as excellent performance.
• PRESTIGE: you command high honour and respect when friends, customers, and others receive your personal and business text messages with your name or business name boldly encrypted on their phone screens!
• HIGH PROFIT MAXIMIZATION: With constant appreciation and follow-up SMS messages to your customers/clients (with your business name showing on their phone screen), your business relationship with customers becomes so cordial and friendly, thereby encouraging regular patronage and recommendations. This action has been severally proven to double monthly sales and profits.
• FASTER DELIVERY: there is prompt and instant delivery of your message – anytime/anywhere, to tens, hundreds, thousands or millions of people at once. This is quite unlike other media where one could be lucky to come across your advert by chance.
• REFERENCE: your message can be stored and referred to on a later date!

Start using the Kobomobile personalized SMS today!
Click here to learn how to start immediately!

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